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Forget about parental controls, we need filial controls for the web

I thought she’d stopped. She’d been promising that she would for months. “Hi darling,” she chirped in an email, “I just wanted to see what you thought of this.” As soon as I clicked the link, I knew that I had failed her. “Work at home mum makes $10,397/month part-time,” the webpage screamed. All the tell-tale […]

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Why should I have to choose between ‘tart’ or ‘vicar’ when it comes to shoes?

I detest shopping. In an ideal world, I’d employ a team of dextrous sewing elves who’d be able to stitch garments meeting my specific requirements at the crack of a tiny little whip. As it stands, however, I am elf-less. This means that once every six months I have to hit the hive of retail […]

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Pink stinks: Why technology companies need to stop patronising women

A few months ago, Nokia launched its popular N8 phone in a new “expressive, intense hue” – an eye-dazzlingly bright fuchsia. The marketing push that accompanied the launch made it clear who its target audience was. There was a music video featuring a Dynamite Girl doll (think high-fashion Barbie) accompanied by a Sugababes track. A […]

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