Sweaty starring role

A few months ago I signed up to a course of personal training at my gym, keen to tone up a bit in time for summer. As I arrived for my second session, bleary-eyed and wearing an ill-fitting zebra print top that is highly unsuitable for public consumption, I was greeted by my effervescent trainer and his camera-wielding mate. Would I mind if my training session was filmed, they asked. It was for my trainer’s promotional website.

Things that ran through my mind included: could I run back upstairs and put make-up on; was this going to be the “before” video, and do I really want to have my puce-faced exertions documented for all to see. However, what I said was: “Er, sure… that’s fine.”  The camera man reassured me by asking if there was any body part that I didn’t want filmed. That reassurance ebbed away when he added, “for example, your bum.”

Anyway, the other day I was wondering what became of the footage and I tracked it down to a dusty corner of YouTube. So here it is:


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Author:Olivia Solon

Freelance writer and editor specialising in new technologies, culture, media and marketing, design and animal-themed t-shirts.


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