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Bakery to sell severed head, road kill and porn cakes

This article first appeared on A cake shop challenging the idea that cake can never be offensive is to open in the run up to Halloween in the “dungeon” of Shoreditch shop Maiden. The shop, called “Eat Your Heart Out & The Pretox Potion“, will sell 666 scary baked and confectionary items on each day it […]

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Drawing sustainability

I spent the weekend reporting on the IBM Start sustainability summit held in the grand location of Lancaster House. The conference aimed to find ways for businesses to help drive the sustainability agenda with a view to finding actionable solutions relating to cities and buildings, transport, finance, people and skills etc. Throughout the conference there […]

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I got Frukt

While the fantastic Giles Fitzgerald was away on a much-deserved holiday, I kept the Frukt Source blog ticking over with posts relating to entertainment, music, lifestyle and fashion. Here are some of my favourites: Lean, mean entertainment machine The real world ‘like’ button The scariest thing on ChatRoulette Condoms and camcorders Alternatively, you can see […]

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