What the hell is a Tardigotchi?

This article first appeared on Wired.co.uk

The Tardigotchi is an artwork that features two pets: a tiny living organism and a virtual representation of that organism that behaves analogously, known as an artificial-life avatar. Both are encased within a portable computing enclosure comprised of a brass sphere housing the avatar on an LED screen and a tardigrade within a prepared slide.

For the uninitiated, a tardigrade is a common and hardy microorganism measuring less than half a millimetre long and commonly (and wonderfully) known as water bears or moss piglets. They are water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs and they apparently walk in a way that resembles a bear’s gait, hence the “water bear” nickname.

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Categories: Art, Culture, Science, Technology, Weird

Author:Olivia Solon

Freelance writer and editor specialising in new technologies, culture, media and marketing, design and animal-themed t-shirts.


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