Who put this lipstick in my science?

Be still my twitching eye. Repress the ire. At least the European Commission had good intentions with its Women in Research and Innovation campaign. The campaign aims to encourage women ...

I win two Twitter awards making me officially ‘Crapp’

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I have somehow won a couple of awards in some Twitter journalism awards called  The Crapps, organised by PR agency 10 Yetis. ...

Al Jazeera interview

Last week I had a starring role on an Al Jazeera report about social media and the London riots. I now have a good idea of what I’d sound like ...


First date hell

I woke up week ago to read some retweets from one of ...

Reuters interview

Earlier this week I was asked by the wonderful Matt Cowan at ...

The Late Show with Joanne Good

Last Wednesday I was invited to speak with Joanne Good about social ...


Silicon Roundabout should let Tech City get on with its cheerleading

Tech City is a waste of Government money. Tech City is run by “nontrepreneurs”. Tech City is jumping on the bandwagon, taking credit for organic growth of startups in Shoreditch. Tech City is little more than a PR company justifying its own existence. Tech Shitty. These are all criticisms levied at the UKTI-funded scheme. Fighting […]

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Forget about parental controls, we need filial controls for the web

I thought she’d stopped. She’d been promising that she would for months. “Hi darling,” she chirped in an email, “I just wanted to see what you thought of this.” As soon as I clicked the link, I knew that I had failed her. “Work at home mum makes $10,397/month part-time,” the webpage screamed. All the tell-tale […]

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Why should I have to choose between ‘tart’ or ‘vicar’ when it comes to shoes?

I detest shopping. In an ideal world, I’d employ a team of dextrous sewing elves who’d be able to stitch garments meeting my specific requirements at the crack of a tiny little whip. As it stands, however, I am elf-less. This means that once every six months I have to hit the hive of retail […]

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Pink stinks: Why technology companies need to stop patronising women

A few months ago, Nokia launched its popular N8 phone in a new “expressive, intense hue” – an eye-dazzlingly bright fuchsia. The marketing push that accompanied the launch made it clear who its target audience was. There was a music video featuring a Dynamite Girl doll (think high-fashion Barbie) accompanied by a Sugababes track. A […]

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Do Page 3 girls really have the “perfect” breasts?

Last week, The Sun reported a study by a plastic surgeon called Dr Patrick Mallucci, who proclaimed to have discovered the formula for “perfect” breasts. What was his scientific methodology? Analysing photographs of 100 of The Sun‘s Page 3 girls. Bafflingly, Mallucci spent three months on this study. That’s just over one pair of tits a day – on […]

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Childbirth 2.0

I have a new theory on how childbirth should pan out: let’s copy the marsupials. For those who aren’t 100% au fait with kangaroo and opossum obstetrics, they squeeze out tiny little pink beanie babies (around 2 cm long), which then crawl up the mother’s body like over-sized maggots and into the pouch. The joey then hangs […]

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My appearance on Attack of the Show

In the wake of the London riots, I wrote an article for Wired.co.uk looking at the role (or lack thereof) that BlackBerry Messenger played. I was invited to talk to Attack of the Show’s Kevin Pereira about how police where using social media to gather, monitor and capture perpetrators. http://www.g4tv.com/lv3/54625 Game Trailers – E3 2012 […]

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Interviewing Moby about his photography

After writing an article for Wired about Moby’s latest album Destroyed and his photography book of the same name, I was invited to interview him on stage at the Apple Store on Regent Street. The “Meet the Photographer: Moby” is now available as a vodcast that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store […]

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Sweaty starring role

A few months ago I signed up to a course of personal training at my gym, keen to tone up a bit in time for summer. As I arrived for my second session, bleary-eyed and wearing an ill-fitting zebra print top that is highly unsuitable for public consumption, I was greeted by my effervescent trainer […]

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Talking to London Girl Geeks about the future of fashion

I was lucky enough to be invited by Sister PR to speak at a London Girl Geek event called Regent Tweet, which gathered together some tech savvy women for a day of shopping, socialising and social media. I decided to talk about the future of fashion, looking at the technology and science that could transform […]

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